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of the nra and they are joined by tens of millions much supporters throughout the country. it's on behalf of those millions of decent hard working law-abiding citizens that i'm here today to give voice to their concerns. the title of today's hearings is what should america do about gun violence? we believe the answer to that question is to be honest about what works and honest about what doesn't work. teaching safe and responsible gun ownership works and nra has a long and proud history of doing exactly that. our child safety program told 25 million young children if they see a gun they should do four things, stop, don't touch it, leave the area and call an adult. as a result of this and other private sector programs, fatal firearms accidents are at the lowest level in 100 years. the nra has over 80,000 certified instructors who teach our military personnel and law enforcement officers and hundreds and thousands of other men and women how to savely use firearms. we do more and spend more than anyone else on teaching safe and responsible gun ownership. we join the nation in sorrow over the
private sector programs, fatal firearms accidents are at the lowest level in 100 years. the nra has over 80,000 certified instructors who teach our military personnel and law enforcement officers and hundreds and thousands of other men and women how to savely use firearms. we do more and spend more than anyone else on teaching safe and responsible gun ownership. we join the nation in sorrow over the tragedy that occurred in newtown, connecticut. there's nothing more precious than our children. we have no more sacred duty than to protect our children and to keep them safe. that's why we ask former congressman and undersecretary of homeland security hutchinson to bring in every available expert to develop a model school shield program, one that can be individually tailored to make our schools as safe as possible. it's time to throw an immediate blan ket of security around our children. about a third of our schools right now have armed security already because it works. and that number is growing every day. right now state officials local authorities and school districts in 50 states are co
with the representative of the nra. the nra had harsh words for the white house after that meeting saying they feel as though this administration is trying to crack down on their second am d amendment rights. after the vice president met with representatives from the video game industry, there were also some stern words and i will read you a snippet from a letter that the entertainment consumers association said, quote, we're asking you to support the public's constitutional right to have access and not to blame the media. so those are some of the backdrop against which the vice president is going to offer the recommendations on tuesday. >> before i let you go, though. who is the biggest obstacle to him becoming confirmed at least as this week is wrapped up. >> you really have obstacles on a lot of different sides, thomas. you have democrats that have criticized some of the past controversial comments and chuck hagel is a republican who are against him and lindsay graham has expressed some concern, but senator chuck schumer, a democrat might be key in getting him confirmed and he's the third ranki
'm thomas roberts. topping our agenda. the power of the presidency versus the power of the nra. as the president is officially sworn in for his second term on sunday, his unstoppable campaign machine will relaunch with a new name, organizing for action and a new purpose. selling his second term agenda. the president's new gun control plan, one of the most ambitious that the nation has seen in decades. and vice president joe biden who will meet with the connecticut governor promised mayors across the country yesterday that the administration is in it to win it for this fight. >> there's some who say the most powerful voice in this debate belongs to the gun lobbies and those who demand the stop to these common sense approaches to save lives. i think they're wrong. high capacity magazines don't have a practical sporting purpose or hunting purpose. as one hunter told me. if you've got 12 rounds, you've got 12 rounds, it means you've already missed the deer 11 times, you should pack the sucker in at that point. you don't deserve to have a gun period you're that bad. >> as the obama
as the nra and you cannot contribute? >> not at all, part of what we put in the letter to vice president biden who by the way did not blame the industry for violence i note in his remarks. as part of the letter to biden, we said that even if we are not part of the problem, we are willing to be part of the solution. we are interested in contributing to -- to reducing america's problem with violence. and some of the things that we suggest are games are powerful teaching tools and then the teaching potential of games has not been well explored at all. there are some people working in the video game field, some of our members who are working on games for conflict resolution, games for anti-bullying. there are people working on health games to help people who have to take -- who have mental problems to make sure they stay on their medication to gameify people staying, helping themselves to remain safe and to not be a danger. there are many, many things that the gaming industry wants to do to help with this problem. one issue though is that the government has been very slow to fund gaming tech
>>> good morning, i'm thomas roberts. the nra taking off the safety following the meeting at the white house blasting vice president joe biden and the gun task force. >> we have a profound disagreement with this administration, first of all on what would make a difference. i don't think there's in lack of concern about dealing with the problem. i think there's a very different view as to what the problem is and how to solve it. vice president biden who is expected to put out proposals early next week will wrap up several meetings with a sit-down with reps from the video gaming industry and the focused on yesterday's face to face. we were disappointed with how little this meeting has to do with keeping our children safe and how much it had to do with an agenda to attack the second amendment, biden trying to shut it down. >> i think we can do a great deal without in any way imposing on or i am pinging on the rights of the second amendment. >> what is the real strategy behind the invitation to the nra? a headline reports the administration is trying an end run around the gun
strategy behind the invitation to the nra? a headline reports the administration is trying an end run around the gun lobby. will the task force do little else than help the white house's end game and hurt the nra brand? >> if you're a survivalist and you believe the federal government is coming to kill you and your children, if that's your view, your paranoid sick twisted view, fine, good luck continuing to get the republicans to jump in your pickup truck and drive off the cliff towards political oblivion. >> it doesn't appear the movie and gaming industries are as well. we'll know more after today's meetings. joining me is attorney general bo biden. as we talk about what happened yesterday with the nra meeting with the vice president at the white house, the first time the nra is invited in two decades. does this legitimize the nra is being that powerful in washington, d.c.? >> i think what -- and i speak as attorney for the state of delaware not the administration, you see a task force led by the vice president, my father, to try to meet with all of the stake holders, whether they be
.r. offensive, so is the national rifle association. politico reporting today the nra is unleashing an army of lobbyists on washington and have you seen this? the nra hitting the president squarely with a new ad spotlighting his own daughters. >> are the president's kids more important than yours? then why is he skeptical about putting armed security in our schools? when his kids are protected by armed guards at their school. >> putting out an ad talking about the president's daughters? >> they are out of step, out of the mainstream, totally out of sync with what's going on in our society and quite frankly, after seeing that, i think some of the people that run that thing are sick. >> joining me now, congressman james clyburn, who serves as assistant democratic leader. sir, good to have you here. first i just want to get your reaction. you have seen that nra ad. what's your reaction? >> first of all, thomas, thank you so much for having me. that is way over the top. i was just taken aback when i heard that this morning. i have no idea who is making the decisions regarding this group. they r
is coming of the gop? some are calling for a make over and a self described former nra partisan, on what it will take to put a stop to the gun violence, that has killed more than 2 million people since newtown. thousands from all over the country gathered, including 100 people from newtown, connecticut, all of them rallied on the national mall, calling for action. a leading liberal voice in the senate will be retiring in 2014. tom harkin said today, quote, it's just time to step aside. he came to washington in 1994 and was a key backer of the 2010 health care bill and congressman paul ryan today spelling out what he learned from the re-election. the re-election of president obama, he is speaking at the national review summit and talking about his experience as a vice presidential candidate, he said moving forward the gop has to layout their vision with more specifics and with a broader appeal. meanwhile, this coming week the president will be unveiling the next step in his second term agenda. immigration. he is going to announce his plan to overhaul immigration. joining me now from the w
something. the nra is not the political force it once was. they have marginalized themselves through their conduct of the last few weeks and we absolutely have a moment in time where we can pass anti-gun violence legislation if the president sticks to his advocacy. >> it's a moment in time but it is still an uphill climb. as you know, the connecticut legislature is considering some major changes to the state's already progressive mental health policy. but what are the chances you and your senate colleagues will agree on comprehensive legislation along the lines of what president obama is proposing? >> i think the chances are high. you've already seen democrats who previously had basically stuck to the nra line, breaking with the nra. you have seen republicans in the house of representatives saying they are willing to consider pretty remarkable gun legislation. i just think this mythology that's been built up about the impossibility of gun reform has been shattered. it's been shattered first by what happened in newtown. everything is different after those 20 kids died. but it's also c
bilt to the read beat rhetoric from the right t national rifle association, the nra ramping up its fight and defending its new ad featuring the president's daughters. >> it wasn't about the president's daughters, what it is about is the fact that this whole debate is how to keep children safe. we believe that every parent ought to be able to be comfortable knowing that their children are safe and if that requires armed security, it's as good for the working man as it is for the president. >> joining me from washington is nbc news capital hill correspondent kelly o'donnell. linds yay graham, his i'm confident that there will be bipartisan opposition and then roy blunt says that this is the president trying to curbs the rights of middle class americans. >> reporter: certainly we don't expect anything coming from the republican-led house so the pressure really falls on the senate democrats. and what we expect is that when they come back next week, of course we have got the inauguration and then senior aides tell us they plan to meet with the democrats within the senate to talk about t
. >> of course are the most high-stakes session is tomorrow's sitdown with members of the nra. nra going little reaction in the brief response to the invite. saying, quote, we got an invite late friday. we are sending a representative to hear what they have to say. with gun advocates floating gun restriction bans on high-capacity magazines what options are truly on the white house for americans as well as the american congress. >> incorporate 00 the challenge is to put something on the table that has some meat to it. as governor cuomo says there's more holes in these laws than a piece of swiss cheese. >> we've got a right to have rifles. we've got a right. but these assault weapons, we don't have that right. >> assault weapons are the drunk driving in a prohibition debate. >> right. >> that's the course here. nobody's talking about prohibition. >> joining me now is mayor villaraigosa of los angeles. mayor, it's good to have you on this morning. as we talk about this, we want to show everybody just a portion of proposals that could come out of the white house gun task force. there's the universa
to one of the heroes to one of the days in tucson. >> can gun control activists take on powerful nra? tweet or facebook your comments. >>> tucson preparing to mark the second anniversary of the mass shooting. there are several new developments to talk about in the fight today to curb gun violence. first off, gifford and her husband mark kelly announcing the start of a new args aimed at getting washington to move on gun control. they say they want to promote a national dialogue and raise funds to fight the gun lobby. this comes after the couple visited newtown, connecticut, saying that massacre prompted them to take action. >> when it can happen to children in a classroom, it's time to say -- >> enough. >> i have a gun, gabby and i are both gun owners, we are strong supporters of the second amendment. but we've got to do something to keep the guns from getting into the wrong hands. >> you'll recall that 9-year-old christina taylor green lost her life in tucson. her mom is featured in a new ad by mayors against illegal guns. >> my 9-year-old daughter was murdered in the tucson shooting
guns meeting with vice president joe biden, the v.p. hosting the most powerful gun lobby today, the nra. walmart, selling a lot of guns also going to be at the white house meeting with eric holder. it's day two of the white house pow-wow of aimed at gaining consensus. it comes after biden took heat for saying executive orders are on the table. >> we're here today to view all the requirements needing action, immediate action. and the president and i are determined to take action. the president is going to act, executive orders, there are executive action that can be taken. we haven't decided what that is yet. >> all right. so the second big story, the latest addition to the cabinet, later today, the president nominate jack lew to be the next secretary of the treasury. the president plans a big fight over the budget. lew is the fourth man picked from the budget. hilda solis is an hispanic female elevating the debate over a black president and in her circle. >> this president has made two appointments to the supreme court. both of them women. and i think that this commitment to -- >> is th
do have the nra influence all through the country and people who believe more guns are more than anything. nobody is opposed to second ament rights, i'm not. i'm for sensible rights and i think the founding fathers could not have seen the automatic weapons or these clips 200-plus years ago, and i think people know what's common sense. nobody wants to deprive a hunter or someone that needs a gun for security of it, but why people have to get automatic weapons and clips where they can murder people. we saw what happened in newtown. we saw what happened in aurora. i mean, it's enough also, and i think that we need to move forward in this country. people on both sides of the aishl aisle, and have common sense gun control legislation that upholds the second amendment but isn't just stupid. >> what did you learn about your colleagues this week during voting for sandy relief? >> i was very disappointed. we had been told that wednesday morning there would be a bill for sandy relief. you know, i have in all the years i've been in congress voted for aid for every region of the country when
's meeting with the nra. certainly, is this big with the two entities coming together. the big push from the nra as we remember from wayne lapierre's big press conference was to arm teachers. and the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. when we talk about the armed guards in the school proposal. former president clinton spoke about that, quote, there are going to need to be armed guards in schools where there's a higher crime rate where kids may take weapons to school, but it is not an excuse to deal with this issue." explain to us those concerns? >> so, first of all, we have more police in schools than we've had for 20 years. so this is not a new idea. and the police are strained for the streets, not the classrooms. and what the results that we're seeing in these schools is high rates of arrest of young people for very minor infractions. like talking back to a teacher. infractions that should be handled by talking back to a counselor or teacher. a 6-year-old arrested for having a temper tantrum in her class. in mississippi, we have a young high school
and to the brady center to combat violence, all working together. >> and the nra left the meeting saying this was not the process that we thought it was going to be. >> look, the nra has made it very clear that they are going to oppose all of these proposals. i think the president and vice president were right to listen to them, to bring them into the conversation, but we have a responsibility to make sure we keep children and family safe in this country. that we pass common sense gun legislation. the vast majority of the members of the nra support common sense gun safety legislation, closing the gun show loophole, making sure there's a good background check system. >> the fire sale one, if you are a licensed gun dealer and your license is revoked before you've engaged in some misconduct, haven't done proper reporting, your license is evoked, your inventory is deemed a personal collection and they can sell it free from background checks at all. that's ridiculous. i mean, you're rewarding bad behavior so this would say you can't do that. >> congressman, might that or other issues on the t
that they face on that front given the fact that joe manchin and others is an "a" rated by the nra, democrat from west virginia. couple weeks ago immediately after newtown, he was quite open. he said everything should be on the table and in some of the things that we've heard him say over the last 24 to 48 hours where he said the idea of an assault weapons ban alone is just not going to stand. it needs to be something comprehensive. appears clear that there is a lot of challenge to that ban being reinstated in congress. >> peter, we're going the ask you to stand by. i'm going to go to the reverend al sharpton, el shultz here in studio with me. gentlemen, i want to show everybody the front page of politico, double trouble, house gop eyes default, and shutdown. ed, as we just heard peter talking about there, the language being used by republicans in washington, d.c. right now. it will be interesting to hear how the president comes out. is this his first volley at getting to sell this to the american people? >> well, i think it's important that the president come out and set the tone of what the par
at him pretty hard about those statements. where do you see this going from here? >> i think the nra is marginalizing itself daily with the statements they're making and probably making it easier for senate democrats to act. i spoke with a senior member of the house who said to me that this is going to have to start in the senate. that this personal believed that you could pass a pretty decent gun control measure in the house if the senate acted first. >> let's go back to senator feinstein. >> designed originally for the military to kill large numbers of people in close combat. are replicated for civilian use. they fall into the hands one way or another, of grievance killers, of gangs, of those who are mentally unstable or ill. they are sold out of trunks and back-seats of automobiles in cities as well as gun shows with no questions asked. massacres have taken place in businesses, law practices, malls, movie theaters, and especially schools. these massacres don't seem to stop. they continue on. columbine, virginia tech, aurora, tucson, oak creek. a common thread in these shootings is
weight behind a proposal to end the gun show loophole. >>> the nra under fire for releasing the new iphone app. yesterday. it eye lows players as young as 4-year-old to practice shooting at coven-shaped targets. >> how sick are these people running a great organization, a proud organization, how sick are these people that have command eared the nra and turned them into an extremist organization. >> many of those who are members appreciate the mission in protecting sportsmen and hunters' rights have to be curious to how and why an organization has allowed the credibility of members to be besmirched and diminished. >>> joining mess is rosa delawyero. i just want to mention directly off the top, you have pitched your own bill on monday called the support assault firearm elimination or the safer streets act. basically creates a refundable tax credit for a gun owner who turns in their fire arm to state poli police. >> who are this is people? how could they be so insensitive to not understand the weight of what they're doing and target practice, so starting at age 4, and shooting at coffins
and the nra, the national rifle association has an approval rating of 54% in this country. they had a 60% approval rating when the semiautomatic ban was allowed to expire. >> we should note that approval rating and that's the approval rating that was taken using polls after the shootings in connecticut. >> yeah, but my point is this, this is a group that stands up for the second amendment. this is not a republican group and it is not a republican initiative, there are a lot of democrats which have been very careful and if you think deppes should be more supportive of bringing up these bans. >> have you been at all disappointed with democrats on the issue of gun control? >> one thing that has changed is that in the wake of the tragedy in newtown, the public polling on the willingness and openness of the american people to support gun control legislation has increased. so that is a fact. >> but it's increased until you start asking them about specifics and that's, you know -- >> two of the biggest challenges here are the short timeline and the axe tension span of the people and the attenti
. they are not perfect but they make a difference. >> ceo of the nra expected to testify this week. what are you going to ask him? >> one question will be about some of the marketing tactics of the gun manufacturers. promoting assault weapons to children is certainly problematic rife with risk and fraught with peril, a tragedy waiting to happen. my view is that some of the scrutiny ought to apply to the promotion and marketing tactics moved perhaps not by the gun manufacturers directly. i will be asking also about background checks and why the nra can't support this common sense law enforcement tool to make safer our streets and neighborhoods and prevent the kind of tragedy that happened in newtown. newtown is a call to action. 26 beautiful people, 20 wonderful babies and courageous teachers and educators would be alive today. >> are you where we thought we would be in this country with regards to the public debate that is going on right now since newtown, connecticut? >> the public debate on gun violence prevention has always been fraught with controversy. and i am encouraged by many of my colleagues
school in the country, that is what the nra believes could work. >> i am not going to prejudge the recommendations given to me. i am skeptical the only answer is putting more guns in schools. >> joining us now the mayor and chief zek stiff of marlboro township in new jersey and has decided to place armed guards at his schools when they return from vacation this week. thanks for joining us. happy new year. >> so you are a democrat but you do support the idea of having more security in schools. why and what have you decided to do in your township? >> as mayor of my town i'm in charge of security. and i don't make federal policy. i don't make state policy. i'm not making a statement on the nra. we need to keep our 8,000 school children safe. with the unfortunate events that happened in newtown, connecticut the only way we could take immediate steps is put a police officer, a trained professional in our schools until we could realize what other security measures we could take in order to keep our children safe. >> the governor of your state disagrees with you. chris christie said a
, the nra has talked about that, as well. on friday, vice president biden kicked off the public campaign to rally public support for the stever gun me stiffer gun measures and senator tim cain. here's what the vice president had to say on friday. take a listen. >> it's a consequence of what happen happened. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: the group called organizing for action, craig, which is essentially the relaunched branch of the obama campaign is also helping out in this effort. they are sending out emails and trying to rally support at the grassroots level for stiffer gun legislation and this continues to be an incredibly divisive issue and new legislation will be tough to get through both chambers of congress. >> kristen welker at the white house, thank you so much. we'll check back with you later in the show. >>> joining me now, christina ballantoni and the congressional reporter from "politico." bank to both of you. >> christine, along with big shows of support like today's march and the obama administration taking this push for gun control right to the american people, as well. is t
to testify as well as the nra, which has resisted gun control measures that have been talked about. so as this conversation moves forward, how do we continue to have a thoughtful and logical national debate on gun control and apply these solutions on curbing gun violence in major cities and smaller cities and rural ones, but as you say, with everyone not being on the same page, this really does demonstrate that this is not a one-sized fits all answer to this. >> i think, personally, what we have to do is stop calling it gun control. we're trying to control violence. and that has many different facets to it. there's mental health issues, there's databases we need access to, there's record checks that need to be done. there's reporting stolen weapons, doctors being involved, and sharing information between schools, police, mental health professionals. so we need to stop calling it a gun control debate. that's what my personal opinion is, because like i said, when people hear that, they're on one side or the other. and we shouldn't be. we shouldn't be on any side or the other. we should a
. >> on the website you have a long list of sponsors, one name missing from that list is the nra. why do you not have the support of the largest pro-gun lobby in the country for your gun appreciation day weekend? >> that's a great question. they're more than welcome to join us. i imagine they've got their own, you know, initiatives that they're working on. believe it or not i'm right next door to their lobby office in d.c., and, you know, i've never met with them or spoke to them, so -- >> larry, if we can show the gun appreciation day graphic again. we see two people, guys in the control room if you can show that again. two ladies in the firing range and a small handgun. i don't think that there is anybody that wants to take a handgun away from someone's home, larry. do you think that that's what this discussion is about? >> well, if you look at the feinstein bill. she certainly talks about handguns with high capacity, and high-capacity handguns as being part of her ban and most of the guns sold today, handguns sold today are high-capacity semiautomatic handguns and that's the type of gun that i own
it in the fervor of the president, you've seen it in democrats who used to pay fieldy to the nra now saying it's time to pass an assault weapons ban. i'm going to be on the floor of the senate today as i get sworn in lobbying my colleagues to pass an assault weapons ban, pass a ban on high capacity magazines before the legislation goes somewhere else. that will show people in newtown there is at least small measure of good that comes from this incident. >> and getting help from those out there with mental health issues and need the help that we ought to provide for them. i guess you're getting in around the 2:00 hours because you're one of the new kid on the block. we'll see you then. >> thanks. >> for more on the return to school, we go to rehema ellis. i understand the police are holding a new conference this afternoon, rehema? >> that's right. authority are going to let us know here in the monroe area, we're about three miles from the new school where the children are going, they're going to let us know how things went this morning. as the buses transported these elementary school students
to be the toughest one to get past. you've heard senator dianne feinstein reference that and the nra saying that banns just don't work. that's what they are working against. >> so the white house searching for support for that. the other big news is the fact that the gop is searching for its soul. i want to play for everybody exactly how bobby jindal really served a cold dish at the winter conference for the rnc last night. take a listen. >> we steam have an obsession with government bookkeeping. this is a rigged game and it's the wrong game for us to play. no, the (party does not need to change our principles but we might need to change just about everything else we are doing. >> he also went on to say we must stop being the stupid party. how is this being digested throughout republican ranks and strategists and thought leaders like yourself, that type of language? >> i'm hearing from both sides of this argument that most are saying thank you. thank you that finally someone has the courage within the party to speak the truth to power and a lot of people are saying i'm not necessarily sure
-state democrats whose strategy electorally has been to diffuse the gun issue, to be pro-nra, pro-second amendment. >> yeah. >> and then you get to the house where there's a republican majority and we just haven't seen a lot of evidence of republicans really defecting on this issue. >> i want to bring in congressman the democrat from long island there and congressman, do we have you there? there we go. there's the congressman. thank you very much, congressman. from rhode island. i think we got that in there, at least. good to see you again, sir. >> you, too, craig. let me pick up where molly just left off there. political feasibility, is there a chance here that the weapons assault ban gets passed? >> it comes down to whether the speaker of the house will bring a bill to the floor? i believe it would pass in a bipartisan way if they brought an assault weapons bill to the floor especially if we're talking about trying to pass something like universal background checks and closing the loopholes that don't require background checks to be done at gun shows, or private sales. so we're going to keep the
, for example, the overwhelming majority not only of the american public, not only of gun owners, but of nra members are in favor of those measures. those measures have nothing to do with taking away the second amendment right to bear arms. so, you know, what's happening is the conversation that's being projected out to popular culture is really just a conversation on the extremes. the overwhelming majority of the american public supports these solutions. the only place where it's really an evenly split partisan political debate is in the halls of congress. that's what we need to change. the president at every turn has underscored his administration's deep belief and respect for the second amendment and for gun owners. and the interview that you were just quoting is yet another example of it. we just need to, you know, educate the american public and inspire the american public to make their voice heard on the issue. because as the president said when he announced his administration's recommendations from the task force, you know, the only way we're going to create change is if the american
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